External COVERS

The installation of the roller motor of this model is made in one of the ends of the pool, on the coping. Very suitable for pools already built.

We also manufacture it with the option of being mobile, that is to say, with wheels to be able to remove the roller.

In addition, to improve the aesthetics of the installation, all the exterior models can be covered with a drawer or bench covered with PVC slats, aluminum slats or tropical wood that hides the roller motor and the cover. This bench is a 316 stainless marine steel structure.

The slatted pool covers are easily retracted or extended, thanks to the motorized system they incorporate. It is only necessary to press a button for operation.

Saving in every way

liters less water evaporation
reduction in the use of chemicals.
savings in air conditioning.
reduction in cleaning costs.
savings in dehumidification.

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