FIXED and MOBILE ceilings

The versatility of our fixed and mobile ceilings allows you to cover any surface without problems.

Our mobile roof system allows an opening of 66% of the surface to be covered, which can be done manually or automatically, allowing your terrace or veranda to be practically uncovered when you decide to open your roof, creating a space with different environments and providing a pleasant and airy stay.

We guarantee waterproofing in case of rain, thus protecting any type of object sensitive to water and humidity that may be on your terrace.

What you should know:


Our roofs are totally water and wind tight, offering great insulating performance against atmospheric agents, which guarantees an optimization of energy consumption. They are also lightweight, thanks to the excellent design of the profiles that make them up.

They have multiple applications and can be used to expand spaces such as residential terraces, pergolas, gazebos, winter gardens, porches, attics, commercial enclosures and restaurants. They are easy to install and do not require any construction work.


No additional supports or structures are required. Our aluminum profiles guarantee the sustainability of the roof and the total airtightness of the same in addition to having a quick and easy installation.


Our roofs take advantage of the physical laws of the behavior of the water in a slope and the route that the same one makes of descending form towards its drainage, avoiding the accumulation in its surface, annulling the deterioration that can produce and extending the life of its roof.

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