Polyester pools

Complete range of prefabricated monoblock polyester swimming pools, reinforced with fiberglass.

Manufactured in polyester reinforced with fiberglass and woven fabric for the incorporated reinforcements. Includes a chemical barrier based on vinylester resin, which is specially designed to withstand the aggression of the chemical products used for cleaning and water purification. Interior finish with Gel Coat, bright blue polished, rounded angles, straight walls, and no joints.

Our polyester swimming pools include:

Bottom Drain. Clean water suction nozzles for the bottom. Purified water jet nozzles. Skimmers. LED submersible light projector, coping stone.

In addition, they incorporate a paraffin-coated Gel Coat exterior finish, which prevents the deterioration over time of the polyester that comes into contact with the ground, possible phreatic waters, etc., giving our pools more robustness and a longer life.

We also take care of the complete installation of the purification system, and, of course, if requested by the client, we install the pool, including soil preparation, wall filling, perimeter strip, and coping stone placement, as well as the well for phreatic level control.

Practically unlimited lifespan.

Total watertightness, smooth surface and easy to clean.

High chemical resistance and resistance to environmental agents.

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