FOLDING curtains

The system of folding doors and windows allows the closing of large openings, in addition to being able to open gradually the different leaves that compose it, or collect them all on one side leaving more space for passage. There is a great variety of possibilities: recessed and normal guide, can be installed with glass, fixed or adjustable slat. Diversity of finishes and imitation wood.

The glass curtains are very easy to clean and provide the ideal solution for a perfect protection of terraces in a quick and easy way, against rain, cold, air, noise and dirt.

Due to the ease of handling, the enclosures without profiles allow you to create two different environments on the terrace: in summer it can be left completely open and in winter closed to protect it without breaking the aesthetics of the home.

What you should know:


This type of enclosure, by not having vertical profiles, provides greater visibility to the terrace. The aluminum profiles are specially designed and manufactured for this type of enclosure.


For greater security, the leaves of the enclosure are made of tempered glass and have a thickness of 10 mm. so that in case of breakage, they will do it in very small pieces without sharpness, avoiding possible damage. We offer a wide range of finishes in profiles, such as imitation of any type of wood, lacquered with polyester powder in various colors, or anodized in various shades.

The rest of the accessories and components that make up the enclosure are made of durable materials, such as polycarbonate, stainless steel, etc. All materials used in the manufacture of our enclosures meet the various European quality standards.


The upper profile is anchored to the ceiling, correcting any unevenness with a compensating profile. The lower profile is fastened to the railing or to the floor with stainless steel screws. In addition, the first leaf of the enclosure can be fitted with a lock and handle, depending on the type of enclosure and its location.


The enclosure works in a very simple and comfortable way for the user, because it allows him to open as many leaves as he wants, either to the right, to the left or distributed on both sides, always to the customer’s liking. The leaves are guided through the lower frame and are hung on the upper frame by means of special bearings. The leaves are held in place on either side by means of a hitch to prevent them from moving or shifting.

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