They are ideal for new construction pools, although they can also be installed in existing pools. The main advantage is the personalized aesthetics, since we can make any project to measure, always through a previous study.

At the beginning of the construction of a swimming pool, different submersible systems can be installed. It is also possible to place them in existing pools, either with a box at the bottom of the pool finished in various materials including gresite or placed on the edge of the pool.

The roll-up slat cover located inside the pool shell is conveniently separated from the swimmers by means of a separating box or board made of different materials. Stainless steel material and 24 volt motor are used so that there is no danger for the users.

The main submerged models are:


The winder motor is submerged under a synthetic wood or Ipe deck. It can be installed in new or existing pools. When retracted, the cover is completely hidden from view under the deck.


The roller motor is installed in the deepest part of the pool and the cover unfolds from the bottom upwards. It is not provided with a bench or deck.


As in the bottom model, the roller motor is installed at the bottom of the pool but hidden under a PVC bench.


Exclusive model for new pools. The roller motor and the cover are hidden in the bottom, inside a niche covered with the same mosaic as the whole pool. It has two motors: one for the cover grille and the other for the cover.

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